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Autojig Machine ( MJ-3400 / LV-3500 )

Single needle lock stitch machine for making collar, cuff, flap, waistband etc.

The machine is used for making of collar, flap, shoulder tab, cuff, collarband joining, fly piece making, lapel making, curved waistband etc. It gives the higher productivity as well as the consistency in the quality. By using this deskill the above operation.

User can sew the various patterns, selecting the figures on the operation panel. Fast low-noise operation is secured through the system in which the main shaft is routed by the AC servo motor.


SENSORS: Three sensors used for detaction ofJig Start/ Stop, Knife Start] Stop Cornering rounding condensing. Now one more sensor is using for No Sensor Sticker mode.

INDEPENDENT KNIFE DRIVING SYSTEM: The machine is with independent motor to drive the knife to get the sharp cutting while rounding cornering.

PRESSER FOOT UFTING SYSTEM: To get a higher productivity the cycle time of the operation is very important thus the machine has a powerfull small pneumatic control to lift the presser foot immediate after the completion of operation.

JIG DRIVING: The Jig is driven by side disk back puller attached to the two different powerfull stepping motors syncronised with each other controlled digitally.

FEEDING SYSTEM: There is no feed dog in this machine. The machine is with sandwitch feeding system to get good stitch quality in any kind of fabric. The Jig is pulled by two powerfull stepping motors.

JIG TURNING: The machine has a side disc driven by powerfull stepping motor & pneumatic cylinder to turn the jig in rounding & cornering position. The above technology takes a short time to complete the action.

ANTISTATIC BEARING TABLE TOP: which eleminates the friction generated between the Jig & Table Surface during running the operation.

LCD DISPLAY: The machine has LCD Display digitally controlled to Change the Speed, Stitch Length, Cornering & Rounding Option, Selecting the Pattern, Knife On/Off, Checking Sensor Position etc.

SPECIAL PRESSER FOOT: The machine is with two different presser foots, one with bearing to help moving the jigwith a holding presser on top of the jig. The second presser foot flows air to flatten the fabric towards knife while operation, which results smooth cutting even less margin.


  • Dimension 1200 x 780 x 1770 mm
  • Weight 145kg
  • Air consumption 0.75 L/Min or .03 cfm
  • Air pressure 4~6 kg/cm² with automatic water saparator system
  • Power free voltage 100V~240V
  • Cycle free cycle 50/60Hz
  • Voltage Control System In-Built SMPS
  • Motor Servo Motor 550 watts/ 220V
  • Speed 3000 spm
  • Shuttle hook Small